Stand Up for Public Safety

There has been talk recently of effectively eliminating the South Orange Fire Department and handing over control to Maplewood. While we need to find ways to increase government efficiency, this shouldn’t be done at the cost of public safety. Here are the facts about eliminating the South Orange Fire Department: 
  • The current "plan" as proposed would bring fire department staffing levels down to three firefighters per shift, which would deprive our firefighters of the resources they would need to effectively keep our community safe. 
  • The plan would eliminate good local jobs.
  • Control over budget and staffing would be handed over to Maplewood, giving South Orange little say over our own public safety. 

We believe in making our local government more efficient, more effective and more accountable.  That's why we stand against any plan that isn't carefully evaluated, puts our residents at risk and provides very little value to taxpayers. 


Will you join us in standing up for public safety in South Orange?  Add your name today to stand up against eliminating the South Orange Fire Department. 

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