Our Platform

Our Motto: One Village for All

Values: Progressive Families, Professionalism, Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion

Vision: Move South Orange forward by building on our accomplishments and addressing challenges of the future to make our Village a welcoming, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable community.

Fiscal Management

  • Evaluate all services to our community to responsibly control costs by pursuing opportunities for cost savings.
  • Continue to reduce existing debt while carefully managing capital expenses on Must Do projects for aging infrastructure.
  • Revive the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee to maximize taxpayer value.
  • Pursue more grant opportunities.


  • Support and expedite the approval of a new Master Plan, especially as it relates to encouraging investments downtown.
  • Ensure participation from diverse community stakeholders to create new ratables.
  • Give a voice to residents, homeowners, tenants, landlords, business owners, developers, and non-profits to reach consensus.
  • Revitalize downtown: we need to improve the appearance of downtown through better landscaping, property maintenance, and cleanliness.

Traffic and Transit

  • Evaluate traffic and parking plans before development occurs to reduce congestion downtown.
  • Ensure that South Orange is served by reliable and safe transit service, especially during any reductions in service due to track and tunnel repairs and that alternatives are enhanced, convenient, and inexpensive.
  • Complete the river greenway bike and pedestrian path linking South Orange and Maplewood’s downtown.

Public Safety

  • Build transparency and improve community relationships by launching a Community Police Collaborative Working Group.
  • Make sure our police officers have the necessary technology for their job.
  • Ensure police officers have implicit bias and de-escalation training.
  • Implement initiatives for improved pedestrian and traffic safety, including “complete streets” improvements, infrastructure, and signage.
  • Protect our ability to govern our Fire Department.
  • Restart the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  • Complete Police Department building renovation.


  • Improve on the customer/constituent service we deliver to the Village.
  • Ensure succession plans are in place with all department heads.
  • Formalize training and create development plans for Village staff.
  • Work with new Postmaster to improve mail delivery, customer service, and appearance of facility.


  • Work with state officials to advocate for South Orange’s fair share of funding for our schools.
  • Strengthen the Village’s partnership with Seton Hall University as a partnership for growth.

Partnerships Across Organizations

  • Proud to foster long-term relationships across all levels of government: county, state, and federal.

Communications with You

  • Implement best practices for running the Village government to better serve our constituents and businesses.
  • Improve transparency of Village priorities and communicate more effectively with constituents; drive traffic to the Village website and ensure timely distribution of the Gaslight newsletter.

Senior Services

  • Find affordable ways for seniors to stay in South Orange by exploring incentives.
  • Improve awarenessand utilizationof the diversity of services to enhance qualityof lifefor seniors.
  • Maximize Jitney program utilization.


  • Municipal taxes 2% or less since 2010.
  • Fiscal Management: reduced debt andwon significant grant funding.
  • 3rd and Valley completion: providing indoor parking for the commuters, 75 new spaces (including the public parking spaces), overnight parking option, $1.1M that went to building a new rescue squad, 21 affordable housing units (as well as money into our affordable housing trust fund), and new retail space.
  • Police station renovation nearing completion.
  • New scheduling for the Police Department that helps keep more officers on the street.
  • Joint Court agreement with Maplewood.  
  • Complete redo of the Baird Tennis Courts.  
  • Rental Registration Ordinance to help address student housing issue.
  • Revamped Website
  • New Zoning at Orange Lawn Tennis Club preserves the character of the neighborhood.
  • Initiated the South Orange Charity Golf Invitational. In two years raised $100K for two non-profits that serve the residents of South Orange.
  • Proud to meet state guidelines under Council on Affordable Housing (COAH)