Former Freeholder Gerald Owens Endorses Deborah Davis Ford for South Orange Village President

To the Editor:

Deborah Davis Ford is an outstanding leader. I’m quite impressed with the work she does in the Essex County Freeholders’ office and for Village of South Orange. She would be an asset to the future of South Orange as Village President. Which is why I am asking you to vote for Deborah Davis Ford and the South Orange Forward candidates on “Line A” when you vote on May 14th.

As a past Freeholder myself, I’ve seen her in action. Her knowledge as well as her accessibility is what helps her get things done. Deborah manages a well run work unit from top to bottom. She lives and breathes teamwork and transparency in everything she does. It has been a great honor working with her.

Whenever I’ve faced issues with the Village of South Orange, I’ve called Deborah. She’s been readily available, listened carefully, and helped facilitate getting things done. I support her approach of thinking carefully before we consolidate our fire department with Maplewood—we need to ensure that we don’t lose governance in the rush to consolidate resources.

Vote for transparency. Vote for LINE A on Tuesday, May 14.


South Orange Resident and Former Essex County Freeholder